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Successful Aliya

Empowering the Ethiopian community in Tel Aviv-Jaffa

The "Successful Aliyah" project helps develop leadership, empowers and teaches how to deal with the challenges of immigration within the Ethiopian community and trains the next generation of community leaders throughout the country. Help us to make a better future.

About us

The Successful Aliya project was founded in 2007 in cooperation with the “Aviv HaTorah” and “Ish leReeyhu” organizations to help integrate Ethiopian immigrants who in recent years arrived in Israel and settled in Jaffa.

Within a short time, the project achieved major success in these areas: empowering youth and integrating them as leaders and counselors for children’s activities; improving social and economic capabilities by means of occupational training; creating a warm framework for pre-school children to enable their parents to work outside the home etc.


Project activities are supported by the Tel Aviv- Jaffa Municipality and the local absorption center, the Ministry of Absorption and other supporters. We invite you to support the project and help us succeed.

Secret of success: Helping the community from within

Our Work

Many past efforts to help the Ethiopian community failed due to a lack of trust and familiarity with the unique nature of the community.


This is solved through close cooperation with the Rabbi of the Ethiopian community in Jaffa,  Rabbi Yehudah Sahala, who leads the activities and is in contact with community leaders on a regular basis.

The success of the project is a reflection of Rabbi Sahala's  deep understanding and participation with members of the community.

Warm framework for
pre-school children
Providing love and security
for children

We fund day care centers after kindergarten hours. This framework provides a nutritious hot lunch and supplementary enrichment programs for the children, including preparation for the first grade. The day care centers assure the parents that their children are in loving, safe hands after school hours, which enables them to work with a peaceful frame of mind and prevents their young ones from wandering around unsupervised.

Empowerment and
leadership for youth
Growing the Next Generation
of Leaders

We run leadership development programs for youth which include tutoring, educational activities and various volunteer programs. Boys and girls who participate in these programs become ambassadors of change among their peers and serve as role models for young children in the community.

Bar and Bat
Mitzvah program
A once-in-a-lifetime happening

The Bar-/Bat-Mitzvah programs include workshops on personal responsibility, maturity, tradition and activities with the bnei- mitzvah children's parents. At the conclusion of the program, a special festive celebration is held in Jerusalem which includes a trip to the Kotel and Jewish heritage sites and a celebration party for the participants and their families. 


Tel: 972-52-5682515 (Adi)

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לקבל את כל העדכונים

Successful Aliya Project

In cooperation with the “Aviv HaTorah” and “Ish Lere'ehu”

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